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Guaranteed Conversion Leads

After getting tremendous response from our new & existing clients, we would like to share our most liking with you that is MyStudentsMyLeadswhich give you Guaranteed Admissions or Conversion.
MyStudentsMyLeads Cost of lead between INR.300/- to 2000/- per lead depends on the course fee, course eligibility, competitors barrier and feasible study by our internal team review.
How it works ?

Step 1.  We will interact with Indian Students those are looking for Your Program/Course.

Step 2. After getting positive interest from the student, we will verify through call. We will ask some questions like – Name, Academic Marks, Pass out Year, Interest Field and Why looking for Your Program/Course.

Step 3. After verifying from our end, we will forward that lead to you.

Step 4. All the payment and documentation student will pay to you, we will not taking any fees from them. 


1. Not shareable by any-other client. 
2. Target auditions, those are looking for Your Program/Course.
3. Replacement of any wrong no. and not-interested candidates immediate effect but with-in 48 hrs of feedback.
4. Dedicated Key-Account Manager, who will share you the leads on daily basis (Mon-Fri).
Clients who get benefit from this products are : - 
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Comparison of Market Trend of Leads:- 

Better leads at lower cost

Let’s compare the cost of an email campaign to that of a Facebook/Adwords/ Calling campaign:

Suppose, the cost of sending 1 email = 10 paisa

Your Target Audience (contact volume) = 10,000  

Total Cost for 1 Campaign = 1000 Rs.

Quality Leads received / Campaign = 10 (on an average, maybe more)

Cost/ Relevant Lead = 100 Rs. (But still not guaranteed they will convert or not).

If you invest the same amount (INR.80,000.) On MyStudentsMyLeads™   

Example – Apply for an MBA 

Demographic Targeting – Age : 20 to 25

Interest targeting: MBA from Abroad or INDIA 

Suggested Bid that MyStudentsMyLeadsshows me: INR. 800 per lead.

So, no. of leads I can get in INR.80,000 if I choose the minimum, i.e. Rs. 800/per lead = 100

Clicks Average Conversion % (if the Landing Page is good) = 20% = 20 Leads but minimum guaranteed 3%. = 3 Leads.

If you give an offer, like a free counseling session, the conversion rate can increases to 25-30%, which means at least 30 Leads.